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The Papers Archive Vol (14)

Autumn Issue, 15 September, 2016

  • Sand and Gravel Removal Effects on Some Parameters of the Flow Hydraulic Using HEC-RAS Model A Case Study of Jarahi River-Khozestan
    Ali Amiri, Ali Haghizadeh, Hossein Zeinivand, Naser Tahmasebipour [Free Download]
  • Effects of Magnetized Municipal Effluent on Some of Soil Chemical Properties
    Ali Reza Soltani Toudeshki; Amin Ramesh; Behnaz Khosravi; Hamid Raeisi Vanani; Mohammad Shayannejad [Free Download]
  • An Investigating Hydro-Geomorphic Homogeneity of Watersheds: A Case Study of Persian Gulf Basin
    Esmaeel Dodangeh, Somayyeh Mohammadi Jouzdani Majid Sheidaeian[Free Download]
  • Sensitivity analysis of environmental, social and economic criteria using TOPSIS and ELECTRE III methods for ranking dam projects (case study Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province)
    Asra asry, Hossain samadi borojeni, Fatemeh mohammadi, Kurdwan hedayti poor[Free Download]
  • An Evaluation of Flood Susceptibility in Hydrologic Unit: A Case Study Bekrabad Catchment, East Azerbaijan Province
    Naser Tahmasebipour , Fazel Noori [Free Download]
  • Assessment of groundwater quality parameters using GIS and Geostatistic (Case Study: zarand Aquifer)
    Hamidreza Shahraki, Karim Solaimani, Alijan Abkar, Afshin Jahanshahi [Free Download]
  • An Evaluation of Groundwater-level Change Using Geostatistical Method: A Case Study of Kabaudrahang Plain, Hamadan Province, Iran
    Hassan Zabarjadi, Reza Ghazav [Free Download]
  • Performance Evaluation of Subsurface Irrigation System with Porous Clay Capsules in Providing Water Requirement of Turf Grass
    Marzieh Rashidi , HoseinAli Bahrami, Hojjat Ghorbani vaghei [Free Download]
  • Prioritization of Flooding Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (Case study: Zoji-Kakhk watershed, Gonabad, Iran)
    Masoud EshghiZadeh, Khabat Khosravi, Kamran Chapi, Armin Mashayekhan [Free Download]
  • An Evaluating and Comparison Between Extracted Curve Number by HEC-GeoHMS and SARA-TOOL: A Case Study of Zaremrood Watershed, Mazandaran
    Terife Edrisi, Khabat Khosravi, Kamran Chapi, Mahshid Karimi [Free Download]
  • Identification of the best fit distribution to estimate the peak discharge in homogeneous hydrological regions (Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Basin(
    Mahboubeh Majidi, Hossein Malekinezhad ,Mohammd Taghi Dasturani, Ali Akbar Jafari [Free Download]
  • Effluent discharge management in rivers applying a regulated procedure
    Maryam Ashegh Moalla [Free Download]
  • An Estimatig Residential Water Demand According to the Model Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag; A Case Study: Hamedan City
    mina Sheikhi , masoud mansuri, farshad mohammadian [Free Download]
  • Determining Potential Areas for Exploitation of Groundwater Resources Using GIS and AHP Case Study: The City of Andimeshk
    Mohammad Mirzavand, Seyyed Javad Sadatinejad, Mohammad Bashir Gonbad, Kohzad Heydari [Free Download]
  • Interactions between Efficiency and Irrigation Systems in Qazvin Irrigation Network
    Mohsen Barahimi, Iran Ghazi, Reza Zamzamian [Free Download]
  • Investigation of the effect of water table drop on the area of land use (Case study: agricultural lands and green city of Yazd)
    Rezvan Asadi . Hossain Malekinezhad. Ahmad Fatahi [Free Download]
  • Study of contribution role of sub-basins in intense flooding of basin (case study: Idanak basin)
    Saeed Shokri Koochak, Feridon Radmanesh, Abdolkarim Behnia, Ali Mohammad Akhoond-Ali [Free Download]
  • Wastewater application in the greenhouse cultivation of Gerbera (Gerbera Jamesonii)
    Nabiollah Ashrafi ,Soheila mohammadi [Free Download]
  • Estimating Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Properties from Disc Infiltrometer Data and Analysis the Scaling Factor Effect
    Mohammad Nakhaei, Vahab Amiri [Free Download]
  • Numerical and experimental investigation on the trend of pressure distribution and cavitation on flow of Sahand side-channel spillway
    Rasoul daneshfaraz, Amir ghaderi, Ali ghahramanzadeh [Free Download]

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April 05, 2016

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    Autumn Issue
    Vol (IV),No(2), SN(14)

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