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The Papers Archive Vol (13)

Summer Issue, 14 June, 2016

  • Investigating the Reduction of Blue-Green Algae Pollution using Ultrasound, Air Lift and Filtration, A Case Study of Kardeh Dam
    Babak Mehravaran, Hossein Ansari, Ali Asghar Beheshti, Saeed Reza khodashenas [Free Download]
  • Evaluation of Soil and Water Resources Sustainability and Assessment of their Qualitative and Quantitative Changes by the use of GIS and Geostatistics
    Ehsan Moradi, Alireza Soleymani, Gholamreza Zehtabian, Hassan Khosravi [Free Download]
  • Effect of Storage Coefficient in Flood Routing A Case Study of Kasilian Watershed, Mazandaran Province
    Haniyeh Asadi, Hamidreza Moradi, Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi[Free Download]
  • Zoning of Groundwater Quality Using Geostatistical Methods: A case study of Razan – Qahavand Plain
    Hassan Zabarjadi, Hamid Sadati, Reza Ghazavi[Free Download]
  • An Evaluation of Spatial Interpolation Techniques and the Selection the Most Suitable Method to Determine the Spatial Variability of Groundwater Quality Parameters: A Case Study of Mashhad plain, Northeastern Iran
    Hoda Ghasemieh, Javad Momeni Damaneh [Free Download]
  • The Effects of Daily Sequences of Meteorological and Hydrological Variables in Estimating of River Discharge A Case study of Kasilian Watershed
    Mahboobeh Moatamednia, Ahmad Nohegar, Arash Malekian, Maryam Saberi, Kamal Karimi Zarchi [Free Download]
  • Multivariate Hydrological Drought Severity-Duration-Frequency Analysis in Gilvan Watershed by Copul
    Maryam MirAkbari, Esmaeel Dodangeh [Free Download]
  • An Assessment of Vulnerability Using DRASTIC Model and a Single- Parameter Sensivity Analysis: A Case Study of Kashan Plain Aquifer, Iran
    Mohammad Mirzavand, Hoda Ghasemieh [Free Download]
  • The Study of Comparative Among Time Series Models Applied to Monthly Rainfall Forecasting: A Case Study of Ilam Province, Iran
    Vahid Rashidi, Mohammad Mirzavand [Free Download]
  • Comparison of Current Geostatistical Methods for Interpolating Ground Water Level A Case Study of Bazargan Plain in the West Azerbaijan
    Mohammad Nazeri Tahrudi, Keivan Khalili, Zahra Nazeri Tahrudi, Marzeyeh Abbaszadeh Afshar [Free Download]
  • Determination of the Recreational Values of Water Landscapes: A Case Study of Martyrs Persian Gulf Lake, Tehran
    Ahmad Fatahi Ardakani, Masoud Fehresti Sani, Mohammad Rezvani [Free Download]
  • Simulation of Land use Change Scenarios (Increases in Residential Areas) Impacts on Hydrological Parameters Using WetSpa Model in the Ziarat Gorgan Watershed
    Narges Javidan, Abdolreza Bahremand, Majid Onagh, Chooghi Bayram Komaki [Free Download]
  • Monthly Discharge Forecasting in Sefid River Basin Using Fuzzy Neural Network and Artificial Neural Network Models (1987-2012)
    Nasrin Eslami, Hosein Malekinezhad i [Free Download]
  • Meta-Analysis on the Empirical Models Application for Flood Estimation in Iran
    Safura Siahkamari, Hossein Zeinivand [Free Download]
  • The Investigation of Common Monitoring Meteorological Drought Indices in Four Consecutive Decades (1969-2011) A Case Study of Dez Watershed
    Naser Tahmasebipour, Seyedeh Samaneh Sohrabi, Sahar Daraee, Shirin Saeedi[Free Download]
  • The Simulation of Reference Evapotranspiration Using Support Vector Machine and M5 Models in Mediterranean Climate A Case Study of Kavar and Doroudzan Station from 1987 to 2011
    Zeinab Sheikhalipour, Vahid Azimi, Farzad Hassanpour, Mahmoud Tabatabaee [Free Download]
  • The Study of the Impact of Water Conveyed From Maneh Basin on Bojnourd Aquifer by Using GMS Model
    Ali Naghi Ziaei, Azam Mohammadi, Javad Meshkini [Free Download]
  • The Investigation the Effect of Precipitation (Rainfall and Snow Cover Area) on the Groundwater Table
    Zahra Azhdari, Hossein Malekinezhad, Ali Fathzadeh, Seyed Zeynalabedin Hosseini [Free Download]
  • An Investigation of Effect of Pervious Surfaces Distribution on Flood Hydrograph Peak in Urban Regions
    Zohreh Khorsandi kouhanestani, Maryam Zolfaghary [Free Download]
  • Water Productivity of Wheat Production: A Case Study of Abarkooh, Yazd, Iran
    Fatemeh Barzegari Banadkooki, Mojgan Atashkar, Leila Yaghmaei, Ahmad Fatahi Ardakani [Free Download]

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April 05, 2016

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